3D Cell Phones
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3D Cell Phones - Japanese cell phone manufacturer J-Phone will be selling cell phones with 3D display capability by mid 2001 (press release). Just seems like everyones scratching hard to be the next big thing - but it surprises me, given the lukewarm to non-existent success of 3D on the Web, that a cell phone maker would go this route, let alone call it the "next logical step". As if the UI on small cell phone screens wasn't bad enough.
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actually japanese cell phones are very advanced, most with screens of 256 colors or better. this is why j-phone was actually able to sell cell phones with full color cameras. and they look damn good.
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I thought cell phones were already 3D. I know they're trending toward 2D, but I don't think they've got there yet.
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Didn't you know that in the effort to make smaller and smaller phones, they finally decided to just leave out a dimension? They didn't sell too many. Seeing how they were impossible to pick up with out putting some glue on your finger.

I've been working on 4D phones myself. If the project if successful, then I'm probably already a rich person. If you want to get my special low introductory rate, send your money now. You might already own one of my 4D phones! That will also quality you for a special offer on my 5D phone to keep up on the infinite instances of your friends and relatives in the multiverse.

Did I mention the genuine imitation leather case?
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John hurt Dong Resin's brain. Dong Resin sleepy, now.
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