What a happy dance this is
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Frankie Manning, as seen previously, passed away, but his 95th birthday party will go on as scheduled which will feature a Battle of the 'Bones with the Wycliffe Gordon Quartet. posted by psylosyren (10 comments total) 4 users marked this as a favorite
I was so sad to see that Frankie Manning died so close to his 95th. I'm glad the party is still going on - it's the best way to honor his memory. I know that swing dancers all over the world are celebrating his life with The Shim Sam and perfecting some aerials. "Great lindy hoppers never die ... they just swing out!"
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If I could dance like that I would never stop. Love this post. FTR, Manning also choreographed and trained Denzel Washington for the Lindy Hop scene for Spike Lee's Malcolm X.

*googles "dance studios springfield mo"*
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My wife and I took part in a class Frankie Manning led in New York about eight years ago, when we were in the midst of pre-wedding Lindy Hop classes. Our teachers revered Manning, and it was a great pleasure to be part of the big circle of dancers in orbit around him (both figuratively and literally). He'll be missed.
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So would've loved to have learned from him. I have a video of him and Erin Stevens instructing but there's nothin' like live. He always looked like he was having the time of his life. Probably because he was! Great way to live, spending your years doing something that makes you smile.
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I took a class with him in Eugene 9 years ago. He was a fantastic teacher and a wonderful person. This is a big loss to the Lindy community.
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Whitey's Lindy Hoppers (including Frankie Manning) are in this clip from Hellzapoppin!, a 1941 musical comedy badly in need of rediscovery.
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I met the man on a few occasions, having been involved with the most recent swing revival in New York these last ten years. I can attest to the hype: he truly was an inspiration to all lovers of dance and appreciators of music, a living testament to American history and its social changes. He will be missed by many, and we are all the less for the loss.
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I had the opportunity to talk and dance with him at a couple of workshops. A wonderful person and a true living legend ...

Frankie, you will be missed.
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. and my past attempt at a Frankie FPP.
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turbodog please know I gave your beautiful FPP props!
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