Chiseled in Stone
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"The ability to convey the depths of despair, the heights of jubilation and the serenity of an abiding faith are all that is required to be known as “The Voice.” Unfortunately, very few possess the ability to do all that and what’s more unfortunate, we lost one of those few–possibly the best of those few–with the death of Vern Gosdin at the age of 74."

Hard core country singer-songwriter Vern Gosdin, affectionally known as "The Voice", who achieved mainstream success in the '80s with hits such as "Set 'Em Up Joe" and "Chiseled in Stone," died peacefully in his sleep, late Tuesday (April 28), at a Nashville hospital.

CMT bio,(obit).

His many timelss songs include the afore mentioned Chiseled in Stone (and live), Jesus Hold My Hand (with commentary), Do You Believe Me Now, Sarah's Eyes, and Till The End.

"'The Voice' is now silenced but he left behind an incredible legacy of recorded performances. Other than George Jones and Roy Orbison, the world has never known a performer as expressive and capable of conveying the emotions of loneliness, despair, desolation and heartbreak as Vern Gosdin."

Sit back with a bottle of Tanqueray, and salute one of the all time greats.
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Waylon "outlaw" style but with greater vocal movement.

Yes, I should listen to the vocal delivery more but I do what I do for a living and I will focus on the rhythm section.

I have an epic soft spot for all two-beats from Nashville at that time with gated verb on the snare and near-metronomic two beat in the bass.

Love love love it!
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Since about 1994 it's been a running joke between my mom and I that Vern Gosdin died (She believed me the first time). Damn.
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I'm so glad he passed quietly. I love this man and his music. Thanks for this.
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Thanks so much for this post. I've dug the Gosdin bros' work with Gene Clark for some time now but never made the connection to seek out their own material. Excellent stuff.
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thanks folks, I knew Vern wasn't courting a huge fan base here, but also that he had fans.
plus, it was an opportunity to do an obit closer to the way it should be done.
And about one of my old time all time favourites.
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