KNAC was the heavy metal station
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KNAC was the heavy metal station in southern california from 1986 to 1995. Their stickers graced the back of many a 4x4 and street sign. While driving around today, I noticed a KNAC PURE ROCK sticker for the first time in ages, but there was a .COM where "105.5" used to be. Going to KNAC.COM reveals that they are in fact back with their same format, now solely internet based. After firing up their broadband stream, I heard some good old Ozzy and it was like being in high school again. This begs the question though, since they went under from a lack of advertising before, is there enough money in internet radio to keep them afloat today?
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Good question. There is less overhead running 24/7 on a web server versus a 5-10,000 watt transmitter, and a targeted sliver of world-wide-web-based audience I guess is more saleable to advertisers than a larger slice of part of L.A. (and KNAC didn't have a very good signal).
One of my former "radio neighbors" (long story) is "Swedish" Egil Aadvik, the guy behind Groove Radio, the web-based attempt to keep another music format alive after it was banished from the L.A. airwaves (in his case, techno-dancemix, best as I can define it). I listen sometimes when I'm online at home (when my 56k dail-up will allow), but I haven't had the nerve to contact him and ask him how he's going to make a living from it. Maybe I will, as soon as I catch up on my e-mail to other webloggers. But hey, I also know a guy who's made a business out of "Cable Radio", so anything's possible.
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well, as you can see from the site, they're trying to expand the net-radio biz, and become a portal for headbangers. they're trying to do more than just play music and provide semi-witty commentary. they appear to be doing a ton of live chats with rockers, reviews, up-and-comers, etc. that being said, seems like an awfully small market to win with, even if they could break out of the l.a. basin market...

aside: i was listening when the played "fade to black" and went off the air, whenever that was. they just don't make rock like they used to...
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