"Over 40% of all dialogue guaranteed at least 50% true, if you believe everything you read."
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Tracy White is a webcomics pioneer, having produced TRACED ("lived, written and drawn by me. guaranteed 95% true.") since 1996. There's also the docu-comic Babble Fish, about God revealing himself in the form of a fish to an upstate NY Hasidic community, and her contribution to For Real, a comic documenting the lives of immigrant teens in NYC. You can also follow her work on YouTube and Flickr, where she posts selections from her upcoming book.
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That's really interesting. I quite enjoyed the webcomicsreview interview, and I look forward to going through her comics more thoroughly. Her drawing skills aren't anything to get excited about, but she puts a lot of thought into web presentation, which many people don't.

I always hate to see comics on the web that are drawn to standard print-comic dimensions. They are just painfully awkward to read on a standard landscape monitor.
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