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It's Free Comic Book Day, so don't forget to pop down to your local comicbooks store and score some swag. In the mean time Warren Ellis suggests you enjoy this free online copy of Fell issue #1, with art by Ben Templesmith.
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Templar, Arizona Book 1 is free (plus shipping) today if you don't mind it being a misprint.

It's pretty awesome.
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I am on my way (well, shortly) to my local comics shop, who is holding a food drive in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day. I've got a bag full of canned goods for the local shelter. And a hankerin' for some free comics.

Yay comic books.

The Red 5 Studios FCBD book featuring Atomic Robo is pretty fuckin' sweet, too.
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Thank you for the reminder. I have a couple of dozen pages to crank out before the middle of next week and this is just the sort of rationalization I need to procrastinate.
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One of the free comics I picked up today was a reprint of the original black-and-white Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has its 25th anniversary this month. How time flies!

The Avengers and Green Lantern comics were pretty meh.
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I went to mefi user Ron Thanagar's shop in Mechanicsburg, PA and it was absolutely packed. The guys from Garrison Carida were there, too, dressed as Star Wars characters, posing for photos with kids and waving at passing traffic.

I'm not sure I've ever seen that many people of all ages inside a comic shop before... there were lots and lots of kids and their parents and everyone was really excited about comics.

Well, except for the one whiny nerd who pulled two Nascar comics out of the 10 cent sale bin and then would not shut up about how the store should have more than one register open on the busiest day of the year even though the store only has one register. Yeah, buddy, they'll spend a few grand on point-of-sale hardware and software so you can bring your giant 20 cent purchase up to the counter faster the one day a year you come in.
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There was a line around the block at my local comics shop. I'm I didn't go in myself, as I've already got a 20-year collection, but I was glad to see the turnout. Given the perpetual dire news on the state of the industry and the small retail shop, I hope this draws some people back to the store on other days.

reprint of the original black-and-white Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has its 25th anniversary
Thanks. I needed to feel old today. Really.
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Thanks! I've been meaning to check out Fell for a long time, but I just never seemed to get around to it.
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i'm not exactly a fan of warren ellis, but if you get a chance to check out the online gi joe cartoon he penned it's worth the time. it's called gi joe: resolute, btw
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Very cool. That issue of Fell was neat. I also wouldn't call myself an Ellis fan, but I have been reading Freakangels off and on. (Fell strikes me as more interesting, so far, but Freakangels is a free webcomic.)
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I managed to gtt into my comic book store this year (Ace Comics And Games, for those of you in Brisvegas. Well worth checking out). Missed the TMNT, sadly, but I took my teenage sister and a friend of hers, and they enjoyed having a bit of a poke about and left with some reasonable stuff. Gotta keep the leeblings interesed, yes?
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That sample of Fell was awesome. Templesmith is one of the best right now, sooooo stylish.
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Fell looked good, but its scheduling issues illustrate why I've never gotten into any serial stories.
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To be fair, each episode of Fell is pretty self contained. Though you could say that about Planetary, and I still remain grumpy at the non-apearance of the final issue of that.

It's a pity that Fell is one of the titles struck by Warren's tendency towards lateness, as though there are many post-Transmet Ellis projects I'd accuse of being utterly sloppy and self indulgent with Fell he seems to have given himself a set of constraints (with the 16page issue size, and trying to contain a story within that, and the use of the 9 panel grid) that he;s been able to do some great work within.
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For those interested, Free RPG Day (same idea, different area of geekdom) is Saturday 20th June.
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Crikey, finding old school RPG stores these days is even harder than finding comics stores!
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