The Segovia of Ukulele
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John King, likely the world’s only classical ukulele virtuoso, died last month at the age of 55. Here he is performing a Bach prelude, playing more Bach, and playing Chopsticks.
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This guy is fantastic, but I don't think he was the only one.
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Holy shit the prelude of the first cello suite is gorgeous.. what an awesome talent, as I stare at my uke and know I can't even play "Home on the Range"
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Was he good with a silly touchscreen too?
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This is one of those things that I never ever would've known about, had you not posted it. And I'm thankful for you sharing it with me. The version of "Chopsticks" is so lighthearted and fun, it makes me think the tune was written to be played on the ukulele.
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You know, I see things like "ukulele virtuoso" and think "why? why become a virtuoso on what is essentially a toy instrument??" And then I hear the ukulele or spoons or mouth harp or whatever virtuoso play and think "ah, that's why."

Beautiful music, thanks for sharing.
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Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Great find. I can't believe what I hear even though I'm watching it.
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This is nice uke. But I thought chopsticks was this tune?
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John King performed at the Ukulele Expo in 2002, an event which happened to be held in my neighborhood. I hadn't heard the very sad news of John's untimely death. I'm glad that he left us so much music.
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I'm not exactly sure what qualifies as virtuoso, but Jake Shimabukuro is no slouch either. Bach is quite charming on such a small instrument.
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OK, but I'm not going out and buying another ukulele.
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very nice...thanks for posting... Makes me appreciate simplicity as an important part of beauty.
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and, mjg123, nope, the song you linked to isn't chopsticks....
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Far from the world's only. Taimane Gardner is amazing.
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and via LooseFilter's excellent music blog, a whole Orchestra of ukelele virtuosi
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Wow. What a shimmering, liquid sound he manages to coax out of that instrument. Thanks :)
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Ah, only 55 years old, that's very sad.

From the NYT obit:
"He often said that his fondest desire was to move to Hawaii and live in a shack in the mountains near the beach."

Maybe he's there now.
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I love that this guy looks just like the person in front of you at the grocery check out line who kind of fumbled with his credit card (and was buying an awful lot of spaghetti). He leaves, and you never think of him again. But, as his water is boiling, he is playing this. Amazing.
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Until I read this FPP, I had no idea at all that John King had died, and his most untimely demise is doubly disastrous to me. I had purchased a CD from him and, as a ukulele player myself, I was flabbergasted at his unmatched musicianship on an instrument so many people view only as a toy. The world of ukulele devotees is infinitely poorer that he is no longer among us.

But on an even more personal note, I learned from the linked NYT article that John's widow was named "Debi." Until this evening, I had not an inkling that the bright law student married to "John King" who interned in my office over 25 years ago, was the wife of this unique virtuoso. I can only guess at the depth of her grief. My sadness to learn of John King's passing is amplified by a wholly unexpected personal connection to his loss.
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I loves me the BWM 100x's
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