Xtreme Bowling
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"Xtreme Bowling is more than just showing up at your local alley and bowling in the dark to loud music, food, and alcohol. Oh, it's so much more than that..." [previously]

Game variations include Double Ball, Low Tap/No Tap, and Texas Distraction.
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Only if I get to see a Randy Savage of bowling. Come to think of it, a bowling alley seems perfect for a guy dressed in colorful clothing to yell "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!"
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Ever watch prowrestling? Back in the '80s when Hulk Hogan was king of the ring and Wrestlemania rocked?

If he's referring to Hogan's 1984-1988 title run, the Wrestlemania-s they put on then were, in terms of production values, like high school pageants compared to what they're doing now.

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How on earth does one find out about this kind of thing? Did you just wander into your local bowling alley only to find it taken over by crazy "character bowlers" dual-wielding their balls?
Er. That sounds even more traumatic than first envisioned! Well, my question stands!
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As a teenager, my brother and my friend and I occasionally played games of "speed bowling," at my local Oklahoma alley which charged by the hour. Speed bowling consists of throwing the ball while the bar is still lowered but in the process of raising, and that you must throw from wherever you are currently standing at that moment.

Yeah, the bowling alley kind of hated us.
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Wintersweet: Apparently Xtreme Bowling is a regular event at certain bowling alleys, and as the post suggests it consists of dark lights, loud music, and alcohol, but the XBA is trying to, uh, take it to the next level.
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Navelgazer: Sounds like you're a perfect fit for the XBA. Now all you need to work out is whether you're gonna a face or a heel.
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if it doesn't involve baseball bats and lots and lots of upper-body strength, i'm not that interested.
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Xtreme to the max
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Is this back? This was happening, this it quit, then it came up again, then it quit.

I hope it's back. I miss black-lights.
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introduces the hot women of bowling to show the true sex appeal of this dynamic sport

Wow, so I take it that average-looking women need not apply? Fuck you, XBA.

Normal, traditional bowling is seeing a resurgence right now. I don't really know why promoters think the XBA will be any more popular than, say, the XFL.
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Come to think of it, a bowling alley seems perfect for a guy dressed in colorful clothing to yell "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!"

Yeah, well, that's just like, your opinion, man.
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Do I really have to be hyper cool to join? What if I'm only eXtreme?
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the XBA is trying to, uh, take it to the next level.

kind of like where elevator world took trade magazines. i might join the xba, though, since i already have big balls and wear ugly shoes.
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Note: overhand bowling is still frowned on.
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Does ESPN still show trick bowling? I remember one family holiday (Thanksgiving or Easter) where my relatives were entranced by professional bowlers rolling the ball under chairs, backwards and between their legs, or like, blindfolded.

Low Tap Bowling:

On each turn: gutter ball counts as a strike. Strike counts as a strike. Lowest score wins.

This is actually a pretty clever scoring system.
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XTreme bowling is best with Jerry Reed.

Also, for folks who aren't serious bowlers (like, with your own ball), Low-Tap is a great way to save the game. 9 pins is a strike!
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This is kind of cool! I found the XBA on Spike TV at this link:


I don't know if they're considering picking up the Xtreme Bowling Association for a show or not, but this looks like it'd be a blast to watch or participate in.

It looks like they're going to be having auditions to be a part of the XBA. Some sort of announcement is coming June 1st on the XBA site. Wonder where you'll need to be located in order to actually participate.
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The XBA is holding auditions:


Looks like they want more people involved ... just like wrestling with bowling balls!
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