We Will Illuminate Dark Places
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Live Hope Love — Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica.
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The poetry on this site is haunting and powerful, it stimulates thinking in the way that only poetry can, about a subject that is rarely, really understood.
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There is substance in the promises we make
to protect this world with the truth of our wounds.
There is evidence in the rituals of the living,
the memories of the lived, the calm we crave.

These are very difficult to read.
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Some of this was really wrenching, beautiful and sad. Thanks for posting this.
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It can be understood, very well actually.
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You forgot Hating.
The closing lines from Unforgiveness:
…death will take
us all, she knows this all too well,
and her single prayer is to be there
to see him ask for his last sip
of water, to be able to take the glass
brimming with white light,
and let it spill like libation
into the earth before his bewildered eyes.
Tough stuff.
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