Giles Timms
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Animator Giles Timms is doing interesting work (that has apparently already been discovered by laughing squid and boing boing but is still worth checking out.)
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I thought his drawing style was great but his animations were... I dunno, they just seemed like adverts to me. I kept waiting for the product name to come zooming over the horizon. I don't know if it's because this style is so common in advertising or what, but I felt it with the 1.5 of them I watched before I just didn't care any more. I also thought his choice of music was terrible for both of clips I pressed play on.

That said, if he could paint like this? Paintings of pretty much any still from the films, well, those I'd buy.
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Man, I love this stuff..saw it on boingboing first and just had a showing of the Death Cab for Cutie video with my friends kids..they were entranced and ended up (like me) a little choked up by the end.

Maybe it's because I never watch tv that I'm not tired of this style. Though I know it's done digitally (I use software that can deliver a similar effect), when watching I believe these are all paper cut outs of kid's art, moving through real space.

The kids turned me on to this, which has got to be some of the most charming animation I've ever seen, and laugh out loud funny, to boot.
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