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FrugalWeekendFunFilter: Zombie In My Pocket is a free print-and-play solitaire boardgame that only uses three sheets of paper. Elegantly designed and well balanced, it has inspired a bunch of alternate versions, from Wolfenstein in my Pocket to the classic-dungeon-crawl-inspired Dungeonquest in my Pocket to Star Wars in my Pocket. (Complete list of variants and user-created scenarios - all are free.) There's also a cellphone version, if paper-and-ink isn't your thing.
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I played it for a while when it was first released, but it got a bit boring. It's nice to see new scenarios.
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Neat -- reminds me of Games Workshop's old Chainsaw Warrior game.

iPhone versions of both, plzkthx.
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There's also a long series of books under the flag "Lone Wolf", which require at most a pencil a sheet of paper and the book. Designed and written by Joe Dever, Wikipedia has some keen insight into his motivation: "He was the first and possibly only British person to compete in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Championship of America, which he won in 1982."
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If you have a Nintendo DS with homebrew capability, you can get some really good implementations of the first two Lone Wolf books here.

Pity the project seems to have stalled out.
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There's also a long series of books under the flag "Lone Wolf", which require at most a pencil a sheet of paper and the book.

I liked the Lone Wolf ones... but the daddy of them all were really the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.
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iPhone versions of both, plzkthx
I was thinking the same (as an iPhone developer).
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The Lone Wolf books are playable online.
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Since it's semi related. I just released my own print and play pocket dungeon crawler Friday. You can check out the projects post here, or go directly to the boardgamegeeks page for it here.

I'm a long time fan of ZIMP! Go Jeremiah Lee!!
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Another great print a play game to check out, is anything based on the Island of D.

Especially the Dungeon of D.
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