The NRW timeline
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NRW 1946—2006. Short articles chronicling North Rhine-Westphalia. The site has one rather large shortcoming though, the video clips cannot be accessed (only available on VHS within the State!).
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Is this where I paste the Treaty of Westphalia?
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Is this the German equivalent of NPR? I welcome non-American posts, but some context for the rest of us would be great.
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This web site is awesome. Thanks, tellurian.
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I prefer the Q because it runs express in Manhattan.
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I'm more of a Hesse kind of guy.
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What a strange list. I can see why one would want to mention the first Schimanski Tatort (1981), Heike Makatsch (1992) or even Tutti Frutti (1990, "Germany's first stripping game show!"), but Gülcan? Come on, NRW, you can do better than that! (You probably don't know Gülcan, but the live transmission of her wedding was hosted by Steven Gätjen, who once guest starred in Relic Hunter.)
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Is this the German equivalent of NPR?

No, it's just one of numerous German television networks.
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It's a German "Lander", or province/state. One of the best, if not The Best, IMO (lived there 5 years). The Hauptstadt (capitol) is Duesseldorf, where I lived. I'm from Flint, Michigan. The thing that blew me away about the NRW was how much it looked like home, only home as it was when I was a little kid, rather than what it has become. Really a matter of the flatness and the green places. Around Duesseldorf, the open lands were still open, rather than converted to strip malls.
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Isn't North Rhine-Westphalia also sort of in der Nähe von Saarland?
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1946: "On 6 June 1946 the British decide that Rhinelanders and Westphalians must come together." Oh great, when they start talking about doing the "living room", RUN!
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