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Love Carol Channing? The Hollywood magazine Daeida has done The Carol Channing Issue - available online.
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The layout is making me a little dizzy. I don't know why. I think I have to lie down.
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I thought we were broadly against these faux flippy-flippy magazines? Didn't we just do this with the hipster porn stuff? Also, sorry not to be constructive, but a bit more background on the lady in question might make this a better post.
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Somebody should have spotted that they've got two different versions of the "zoom" button in that interface. The button they're instructing us to look for and click doesn't exist.
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It does not work for me. Which is good, for I fear Carol Channing's teeth will come down on my torso and chomp me in half.
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Nah, imperium, that IS constructive. I just saw this as something only actual fans would be interested in, so I didn't think it would serve as a decent introduction to her. And I get kinda cringey when I see posts that have random wikipedia/imdb/amazon links all over them as if that's supposed to provide some serious insight into why someone is beloved. So maybe I need to get over that - or get brainstorming some way to give more background.

I'm not a fan of the online mag layout either. (This year, the Philadelphia Film Festival distributed their catalog that way. Ugh.) But I AM a Carol Channing fan - and now that she's somewhere in her early 100's, I'll take her however I can get her.
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That woman is a superannuated gamine life-support system for those choppers.
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Still sad that SNL's Vincent Price Valentine's Day Special -- in which Channing falls in love with and then sits on a disembodied hand -- never made it to Hulu.

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The theatre department at my college got so excited when she came to give talks as part of her tour promoting the arts in schools. She's pretty amazing, to be still kicking at 88 onstage and onscreen. She's got this very energetic aura that's simultaneously ostentatious and humble.
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Carol Channing should have her own meme a la Chuck Norris.

...though I can't think of an apt one to start with. "Carol Channing's voice can breathe souls into teddy bears."?
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This magazine features some of the most halfhearted attempts at Photoshop airbrushing I've ever seen.
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DOCTOR Carol Channing?!?! What's her doctoral degree?!?!

I'm fascinated by all the testimonials from actresses I thought were long dead (Rhonda Fleming and Betty Garrett).

Thanks for sharing ... this was immediately forwarded on to a friend who is obsessed by Miss Channing.
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I swear I must be a reincarnated drag queen1 because I love cultural icons like Ms Channing. Go figure.

1. No offense.
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Love Carol Channing?

I dunno. He seems to be in a lot of half-assed fighting movies, you know? Ask me again after I've seen GI Joe.

oh wait
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Blair Magazine (previously) also had an issue dedicated to Carol Channing...
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Well isn't that special.
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Whose Line does Carol Channing: one & two
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This looks like a catalog.
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Corn? When did she eat corn?
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I saw her several decades ago, doing a show in Vegas. Every time she came onstage, she had two beefcakes in tuxedos on either side of her. It looked like their job was to physically support her. If she's still going strong, god bless her.
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I drove from Syracuse to Buffalo with my great-aunt in the early(ish) 90's to see Carol Channing perform in "Hello, Dolly!" when she had it on tour. Carol was probably in her mid-70's at the time. Her last entrance at the end of Act II was accomplished after the fastest quick change known to man. She came running (and I do mean running... like an Olympic runner) onstage shoving a hat pin (the big kind) through her hat and wig. She hit her mark dead on, caught her spotlight, and burst into song, on cue without a hair out of place and with no sign of being out of breath.

Atta girl, Carol. Show 'em how it's done.
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