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This is Bridget . Three things happened to Bridget in February : 1. She got an agent for her young adult novel. 2. She got married. 3. She found out she has Stage Four colon cancer.

Local librarian and writing community help organize an auction to defray some of Bridget's costs. Donations include autographed books and illustrations. Check out the interviews with some of the contributors.
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Thanks for posting this - I just read her blog, and she seems like a wonderful person.
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I hope this lovely woman conquers her colorectal cancer. It is the second biggest cancer killer and still kills about 50,000 a year in the US and a million across the globe. Screening and prevention so far are only available to those over 50 or with familial patterns. If the causes of such early cases in otherwise health young adults could be found, it would be fantastic.
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"approximately 8-15% of people with stage 4 colon cancer are alive five years after their diagnosis."

And yet, she almost certainly was inspected as often as recommended for someone her age. (i.e. never.)
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There are genetic screening tests that can detect mutations that may predispose to colorectal cancer, and especially early-onset colorectal cancer, but these tests are only offered when there is a family (or personal) history and an alert clinician on the case. The testing is fairly expensive, but is generally covered for patients with family histories of colorectal or other cancers linked to the various known hereditary cancers.
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Her blog avoids mentioning her age or her family by name. I wonder if she's any relation to Howard Zinn?
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And yet, she almost certainly was inspected as often as recommended for someone her age. (i.e. never.)

You mean you want inspection for every adult, including young otherwise healthy adults? Sounds cruel, considering the cost, hassle and risks of colonoscopy in young otherwise healthy adults.
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I wonder if she's any relation to Howard Zinn?

The Census Bureau indicates that somewhere around 6,000 Americans have the last name Zinn. This is actually fairly close in frequency to my own last name, and I know that I'm only potentially related to a small fraction of any other Americans who carry it. So possibly, but the chances are actually fairly low.
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It's not Howard Zinn's daughter; her dad is listed on one of the auction items as "Dick Zinn". Could be another relative.

The auction runs until May 30. Most of the items are books, especially kids' books, but there are a few others, including manuscript-editing consultations, vacations in Wash state and Utah, and finally...

Carl Kasell's voice on your answering machine! (Kasell is an announcer for NPR)
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I hate this stuff. OMFG.

My 88 year old mother has colorectal cancer. Don't know what "stage" it is, but she enjoys every day of non treatment and life. Her choice.

I know that she would go swiftly if this unknown woman could live out her just beginning life. But, it doesn't work that way.

Or does it? Godspeed, Bridget. Beat it. Barrett needs you. The world needs you. Wish I'd never heard of you. This way. I look forward to hearing about you in another way... Your addition to the world, not subtraction. I will buy every book you write from here on. And give it to a child. OK?
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Bridget's actually a personal friend of mine-- we went to library school together, co-edited a librarian/pirate zine, and were part of the same circle of friends. Yes, she's as great and beautiful as she seems, and no, she's not related to Howard Zinn.

We're all still in shock after hearing about her cancer. I still can't believe it.
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