The Sid Saga ends
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Sid Laverents dead at 100. Indie filmmaking original, prolific mad genius. previously
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and wow!
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Previously, also.

What a guy. What a century of creativity.
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Instead of a . of silence, may I suggest playing through Multiple Sidosis again? Such a pure expression of his spirit.
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Multiple .........................................osis
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what is that tune in multiple sidosis?
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It's Nola, by Felix Arndt. You might know Les Paul's version. And just to bring things (almost) full circle, an amateur's version of Les Paul's arrangement that looks a little like Multiple SIDosis.
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Huh. That's funny. I remember when "Multiple Sidosis" seemed to be part of a major internet meme. Guess it isn't, now. Interesting that memes might might not have the legs we once thought they might...
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That right there was a life with a third act.
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It's Nola, by Felix Arndt.

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I just played this film at a convention in April, mentioning how he was still alive, and how he'd done it all using projection and hand-made cutouts. One of a kind! Definitely an awesome century that had that guy in it.
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Oh my god. I don't know how I've not seen Multiple Sidosis before, but it's the best thing ever. RIP, Mr. Laverents. You're an inspiration.
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