Twenty-seven hours of Solo Piano
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Pianist, producer, and songwriter Gonzales (real name Jason Charles Beck) is currently attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest solo concert. He's aiming for 27 hours, and at time of writing has around six hours left to go. You can follow the attempt live online.

The record is currently held by India's Prasanna Gudi for his 26 hours and 12 minutes sitar recital. Here's where Gonzales explains his motivation for his attempt.
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Too cool! What are those papers that they set at his feet every once in a while? Requests? I wonder if I could email one in...
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This guy started off in a 'proper' band, then became a rapper but is now most well-known for his piano playing.

This world record attempt is mostly 300 reworked cover versions of other people's songs. Right now he's doing 'Private Dancer'. Don't let this put you off.
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He's playing blindfolded now.
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The sound is not working. Just checked my system, etc, so it's not me.
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It has been a tad on the quiet side at times.
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What am I supposed to be seeing on the live feed? Just looks like a black curtain, once in awhile people walk in front of it.
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He's just taken the ten minute break that he's allowed every three hours.
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Does anyone know who holds the record for longest performance by a band?
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Does anyone know who holds the record for longest performance by a band?

I saw Candlebox open for Rush once. I can't imagine sitting through a music performance any longer than that.
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This doesn't sound too hard. Start 9 hours late, take a 55 minute break after every song in a 9 song setlist and do a lame encore 9 hours later.
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So what? I've been playing 4'33" in a loop for the last three years.
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Is there a problem with the sound right now? Its so quiet, I can barely hear anything.

Also, local Vancouver experimental group, the Beans, once played a 48hr show at the now defunct Sugar Refinery in Vancouver. There were some parts that were fairly electronic and some of the band members took naps now and then...but they kept the music going the whole time.
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Cool stunt but don't think he's just gimmicks... Gonzales is a totally badass. His work with Feist and Jamie Lidell is classic.
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Okay, impressive, but I must point out that Mark Mallman has performed both a 26.2-hour song and a 52.4-hour song. Original compositions, no less. Apparently the fact that he had a rotating assortment of backing musicians accompanying him through the ordeals renders him ineligible for the record, but the important point I'd like to make is that Mark Mallman is freakin' awesome and y'all should check him out.
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His work with Feist and Jamie Lidell is classic.

Even more badass: He wrote a bunch songs on both the new Tiga and Peaches albums.
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i hate to be the old worrywart but i hope the guy doesn't mess up his wrist tendons doing that. it's pretty goshdarn unnatural.
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Off air.
Hope he reached his goal.
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Keith Jarrett was gonna do this but someone coughed backstage.
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@chillygonzales: just woke up, very hard to get to sleep. experienced hallucinations onstage, couldn't recognize people i knew in the backstage. wrist pain

Don't blame him, frankly.
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