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If you're in a hurry or just don't care much for opera, here's Richard Wagner's "Ring der Nibelungen" in 45 seconds (SYTL). Also a good chance to brush up on your German.
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Quick translation

Now: Wagner's ring in 45 seconds.
Part 1: The Rhine Gold: Dwarf Alberich steals gold from the daughters of the Rhine, forges ring. Giant brothers build giant mansion, get into giant fight. Result: 1 dead, 1 lindowrm.
Part 2: Operation Valkyrie: Tom Cruise saves Germany. Erm. No. Wrong.
Part 2: The Valkyrie: Brother shags sister, Wotan baffled. This part comes with a great ring tone.
Part 3: Siegfried: Wonderboy kills megamonster. Awesome.
Part 4: Twilight of the Gods: Hagen stabs Siegfried, Brunhilde plummets into fire. Flames consume Valhalla. Ring back to Frodo.
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Do check out the links in the 'more info,' which lead to a comic, easy-to-follow, English explanation of the Cycle presented by Anna Russell.
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it's in some funny language. can you please make one in english. k tks by.
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that was hilarious.
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A few weeks ago, I managed to rather surprise one of my professors here in Austria by rattling off the first few stanzas of the Nibelungenlied. Thanks, nerdy GER 305 professor, for making us learn it by heart!.
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Extra credit for Lord of the Rings and Ring Tone references, but no Three-Ring Circus or "You See the Ring and Then You Die"? If it were in English, maybe they could have thrown in "Ring Around the Rosie (or the Collar)", Wring It Out and Quasimodo the Bell Ringer. And Hagen Dazs (sic) Ice Cream. Still cool. Now can we get "War and Peace" in 45 Seconds in Russian?
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Thx, I LOL'ed, wd (not) watch again. A+++
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What's a SYLT?
Single Young Lesbian Termite?
Sweet Yellow Lipped Trickster?
Smelly Yiddish-Lebanese Translator?
Selling you ten lingonberries?

or maybe you just typo'd SLYT. But that's not funny, now is it?
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Dr Honeydew, best have that dyslexia looked into...
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Would this be a good place to mention the awesome Radiolab/WYNC Special episode about The Ring Cycle?
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well fuck.
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its has pretty pictures and somehow it being incomprehensible (to me) makes it funner
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This is still 45 seconds too much Wagner for me.
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"Wagner's music is much better than it sounds."

-Mark Twain
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