Just look at the face: it's vacant, with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk who's lost a bet.
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Zombie Animals

Includes zombie crabs, zombie cockroaches and a fish with a zombie tongue, plus plenty of interesting links.

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This link to a short description of polydnaviruses was pretty interesting.
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Some parasites have really amazing life cycles. For me, that was the most fascinating, and horrifying, part of studying zoology in college.
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I used to think nuking the rain forests would save us.

Apparently it's too late now.
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oh! the videos for that first one! i have seen them before!

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I am so itchy right now. Why couldn't I make myself stop reading that article???!!??
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Just what my peace of mind needed: parasites that will transform one's eyes into a "all you can eat buffet" flashing sign to passing beasts! Augh.
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And here I was about to try and go to sleep. No longer, unless I want visions of parasitic organisms dancing im my head (which I don't.). Gonna go watch the food network instead.
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Awesome. I love the first two, and hadn't heard of them before.
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Other than the loss of its tongue, the fish suffers little from the experience, so the two can share a normal, if creepy, lifespan.

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Ewwww, totally awesome but still, ewww!
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Great! Now the pentagon nerds are going to see this and find a way to turn these things into weapons. Zombie apocalypse here we come. Me/racks 12 gauge.
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This didn't even have the evil fungus that takes over an ant's brain and kills it and then grows out of its head.
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Other than the loss of its tongue, the fish suffers little from the experience, so the two can share a normal, if creepy, lifespan.

As cringe-inducing as that one is, it was the "zombie" crab that really squicked me out. I don't know if there's a fate worse than having a parasite attach itself to your belly, saw your man-junk off and then turn your abdomen into a makeshift uterus. I mean, daaaaamn, that's cold.
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Hey guys, chill out! These cute little parasites just need a place to live, OK? Don't judge them for just doing what comes naturally. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and spread my cats' litter around the neighborhood for some reason.
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Damnit. These are not "zombie" scenarios. These are more of a "master blaster" or "Krang" scenario (though Krang lives in a man-like suit, not an actual human body). Zombies die, then come back to life, possibly to serve an overlord, or simply in search of human flesh/brains. None of these cases involve the re-animation of dead flesh.

Otherwise, spooky fun.
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Wow, this gave me the willies but I couldn't stop reading on. A couple of years ago my art humanities class covered an essay by Stephen Jay Gould about parasitic wasps. These little buggers were of great concern for thinkers at the time - how could nature be so cruel? Here's a link to the essay.
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Must ... read ... entry. Damn ... you .... to hell....
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Fantastic post!
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Other than the loss of its tongue, the fish suffers little from the experience, so the two can share a normal, if creepy, lifespan.

There's a movie with an anthropomorphic twist here.

"Are you sick, Peter?"

"No, Jenny. Heh...funny thtory - I thpeak thrangly due to a bug habing rethently replhathed my tung."


"No, no! It's nothing, really! The bug ITH my tung now..."


"Jenny...Jenny, calm down. Look, it workth jutht like my own tung did, more or leth." (Peter sticks out bug-tongue and manipulates it nimbly. The bug's antennae twitch slightly. Jenny faints)

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I don't like this.

No, not the post, that's fine.
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That was fu*kin' totally and utterly horrible, horrible I said. Horrible.

(Favorited FPP)
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*Wheels spinning. Strokes beard and stares out the window.*

Hmmmm....there's something here...some connection...these horrible zombie making animals remind me of a disease caused by a parasite found in pigs (i.e., BACON). The parasite is called Trichinella spiralis it is transmitted to humans through undercooked pig meat (i.e., BACON). The parasite lives in the muscle cells of the host. I remember a HS teacher saying it was very painful and to always make sure pig meat (i.e., BACON) was cooked thoroughly.

But zere ist zomething else I have rezently learned: The central nervous system is compromised by Trichinosis in 10-24% of reported cases. They [Trichinella spiralis] may cause enough damage to produce serious neurological deficits (such as ataxia or respiratory paralysis), and even death.

This means that in certain cases undercooked pig meat (i.e., BACON!! BACON!! BACON!!!) may cause one to become a zombie!!!



I must to write a stunning article for NATURE magazine!! and make an FPP which will have 10000 comments. The servers will ASP:LODE!!
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I was horrified until I read about the Emerald Cockroach Wasp. Anything that mutilates a cockroach in as bizarre and cruel a manner as possible is a friend to me and to the human race as far as I'm concerned.
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(Umm..testing..1..2..3. Is this thing on? Oh it is? Ha ha...well then, ahem, nevermind.)
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Cool article! That's all I have to say. Thanks.
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Well I'm not sleeping tonight. Or ever again.
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There's a movie with an anthropomorphic twist here.

Get Cronenberg on the phone, quick!
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The caterpillar that builds a cocoon to protect the wasp larvae which have just burrowed out of it's body, and then defends the cocoon from other wasps, was by far the most disturbing one for me. The YouTube video attached to the entry is really good, if terribly creepy.

Mother Nature is one fucked up bitch.
posted by elder18 at 1:19 PM on May 30, 2009

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