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@Issue: is the online blog of The Journal of Business and Design. Topics of recent interest include Drawords, an ongoing caption this drawing project, and Typography in China, an explanation of the availability of Chinese typefaces. Also, @Issue interviews an iconic group that includes captains of industry and design.
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The subject of this post never ceases to amaze me.
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Go back to twitter and take your @ sign with you!
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The "@" symbol is claimed to have been traced to a document by Francesco Lapi on May 4, 1537 in which he used the @ symbol in connection with rate or price of commodities. (wiki)
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I read the address as "A Tissue Journal". Kind of belongs with on those recycled lists.

That said, the Typography link is quite interesting. I've actually always wondered what it was truly like to type in China, considering the sheer number of characters that come into play. Great read.
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The name just invites the response "bless you!"

Great find though!
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