kick box the queen
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kick box the queen
A computer security consultant and stand-up comic says "I hereby challenge the Queen of England to either a kickboxing match or a math test (no geometry) for the crown of Canada. She can choose the type of match, and the location of the bout. She has until July 1, 2002 to face me in this competition. If, after that time, she has not accepted my challenge, Canadians can infer that she has forfeited the match, and I will be the effective new monarch of Canada."
posted by riley370 (5 comments total)
since she's the queen, I believe it would be her perogative to choose the contest (from all possible contests, not the ones he has proposed.)
posted by rebeccablood at 10:38 AM on June 11, 2001

Or, indeed, appoint a champion.

We have some pretty hot mathematicians, if not kickboxers.
posted by Grangousier at 10:51 AM on June 11, 2001

I'm pretty sure Cheryl Robertson is a good enough kickboxer to take this guy. Or, for that matter, Chris Allen. Not to mention all those SIS guys...I'm sure the Queen could find someone to beat this guy into pulp if she wanted to. She is, after all, quite wealthy.

However, on the math side, what about Sir Christopher Zeeman? A bit obscure, but I've always dug his theory. Britain has so many, but not so many interesting ones. (I guess today, Matt decided to show he could blog the normal way if he wanted to.)
posted by Ezrael at 11:38 AM on June 11, 2001

This reminds me of when Joe Bob Briggs challenged the president of NOW to a Jell-O wrestling match.

Thence followed, if I remember correctly, the "attack of the Mushmouthed French-Fry Heads."
posted by Skot at 11:43 AM on June 11, 2001

Is it just me, or does that guy bear a striking resemblance to Lord British?
posted by fusinski at 12:47 PM on June 11, 2001

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