Tiga - Probably not a tiger.
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Canadian DJ bloke Tiga has a new album called Ciao. He's made a spoof documentary to promote it. It's really funny, even if you don't know about dance music - A bit like Nathan Barley by the ever wonderful Chris Morris. Part 1 Part 2
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I actually like tiga's music and i found this insufferable.
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His remix of Telepopmusik - Breathe is pure genius.

The original track is a fluffy dance-pop love song. He turned it into a down and dirty acid-funk work out... "Just Breathe" becomes the sound of some desperately gasping for air instead of someone falling in love. Pure evil.
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Tiga on Top of the Pops -- Sunglasses at Night(this was the first Tiga song I paid attention to).
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Also -- Hot in Herre
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I've loved Tiga since he covered "Hot in Here."
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Haha. Xpost.
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It was significantly more than the least I can do. And a big shout-out to the WWF - they keep shit wild, all over the world.

I'm usually annoyed by faux pompous acting, but perhaps I like that Tigger character too much. I was just waiting for him to start bouncing. You know, because bouncing is what Tiggers do best.
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I LOL'd out loud
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The character is great, but it was all just a bit too long. Some good lines though.

The links to the videos are good too, thank.
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Washing Up will always be an anthem. His look is a bit poncey though.
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i don't use browser bookmarks. i just don't.

i bookmarked Tiga's remake of public enemy's 'louder than a bomb'. I'm a PE fan, but i think i like it better than the original.
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Speaking of Canadian DJs: Deadmau5 criticized for comments attributed to him from an Irish tabloid. He responds.
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some good lines, though it might have been better, if it had been done as a fly on the wall, following him around in a Spinal Tap style, etc...
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Solid questch
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I'm obsessed with his cover of "Sunglasses at Night." If I ever get to make a neo-noir teevee show about L.A., that's the theme song.
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"you should have SEEN them watch me...."

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Nathan Barley was an original idea of Charlie Brooker (soooo NSFW). The wonderful Chris Morris was co-writer with Brooker on the TV adaptation of the original TV listing based funny thing.
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