Obama speaks; Harvard reacts
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A very compelling speech by our gifted president. But experts have reservations. As non-experts in the Middle East we might readily have been moved by President Obama's speech in Cairo, but for those professionals in Mid-East studies, some reservations worth noting.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: There's an open thread from yesterday on the speech, feel free to add this to that. -- cortex

As far as I can tell, it was some nice noise from the new head of the military-industrial complex, and nothing substantive will change.
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And this one over here.
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And, many of the "experts" you linked to had some very positive things to say about the speech. I'm not sure why you put the negative spin on it.

Obama is coming in on the heels of the worst president this country has ever experienced. There will be years of repairing the damage to the foundation of our reputation and status on this globe before we can even think about rebuilding the house that Bush tore to the ground.

I wish this man the best, I still believe we've made a huge step forward by taking this country in a new direction.
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