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Just a little too late for Flash Friday, it's Flash Doom 2D, a fairly solid side-scroller.via Aaron Williams.

I will admit to being the first person who can be swayed to like something simply because it's Doom, but I really like the way the fifteen year-old graphics and sounds are put to use.
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I really wanted to like this, especially being on a Doom kick lately, but playing the original the modern way is way more satisfying. For example, you can actually dodge shit.
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It's ironic, considering that the Doom engine never allowed one walk-on-able point to be above another.
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I've been playing Doom 2 most of the week. This is a nice change of pace.
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I am as equally great at side-scrollers as I am terrible at FPSs, so this was a great confidence booster.
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Reminded me of Zillion a bit.
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hm. i seem to have jumped thru a wall that i wasn't supposed to and got stuck. end of game for me.
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walk through walls is on
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fuzzypantalones: try typing "idspispopd" (or "idclip", depending).

Ah, I don't think I'll ever forget the Doom cheat codes.
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Heh, a couple levels in and I'm enjoying it. It's like they gave it the Metroid Prime treatment in reverse.

Speaking of dimensionally-reductive versions of Doom, friends of Nethack may want to try out DoomRL if you haven't already.
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It's neat, but what it lacks is the "what's behind that door" feel of the original.
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