Proletarians of All Lands, Unite!
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Peasant! Free your pregnant wife from work, don't allow her to pick up heavy items since this will harm her and the child. An excellent collection of vintage soviet propaganda, public health, and infographics posters from 20s to 30s, many with full translations.
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We don't want to trust the wisewoman anymore! Down with the wisewoman!

Who is the wisewoman?
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Baby-0, Flies-1.
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orme, I think wise women were healers, herbalists, medicine women - sometimes witches. There is a recurring reference to them in these posters - I took it as "midwives."
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midwife - pretty cool historical overview (western civ) in wikipedia

otoh, via

The wise woman is called the Svakhina, a most peculiar type, to be found all over the North of Russia. She is somewhat related to the midwife by temperament and character. One glance at her face would suffice to tell you that she knew too much.

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wow, that second link leads to a treasure trove called Undiscovered Russia - thanks, infini!

Also - oops - I should have given a via to the excellent coisas do arco da velha
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Can anyone explain "the black window"?
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availablelight, I'm assuming it's the black market.
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Actually, that doesn't make sense- sorry. So are they chastising the people who make their money selling alcohol? I don't know.
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maybe "Shame on those who squander their paychecks on booze?"
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you're welcome madamjujujive, and tbh didn't even realize it, thanks for pointing it out!!
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Man, I used to have one of these posters! My high school Russian teacher gave it to me. It said, "Students! Protect [i.e. be careful with/take care of] your schoolbooks! Schoolbooks must be passed down to the next generation of students!" Very cool illustration of a schoolboy in a red kerchief holding his schoolbook proudly and staring up at the sky.

Lost it years ago in a move. Drat.
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This is awesome--thanks for posting!
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Yeah I'm glad to see the Americans are completely "peasant-free" these days.
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Russian inwentions!
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Can anyone explain "the black window"?

Not "window" but "cash register" or "till." "Черная касса" (chornaya kassa) is defined as the possession and use of funds not declared or known to the tax officials, in Soviet times often part of the black market but also used for all sorts of purposes that were made difficult or impossible by Soviet laws. You can read about their use in "informal associations" here.
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Excellent. Also, Soviet Posters.
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How to Breast-feed a Baby

At the bottom, I get "What a Nursing Mother is Not Allowed to Eat and Drink (Homebrew, beer, wine and liqueur)" but it also looks like onions, a large parsnip (?) and maybe mushrooms (???) are out of line as well? And weird lumpy sticks?
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