Woof, Woof, Woo!
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Three Woofs and a Woo: the daily life of some border collies and the canine photographer who loves them.
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I've posted a lot of photos of my dog on the internet too. I'm not going to link to them.
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Border collies are an interesting breed with remarkable ancestors. They vary in appearance more than most because the emphasis has always been on performance, not looks, which is surely as it should be. Their intelligence and independence makes them ideal working dogs, but training isn't necessarily straightforward.
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Our border collies are awesome. I also will not link to the many, many, many photos of them.
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My family had a border collie when I was growing up. The daft thing was scared of sheep and, in fact, any animal bigger than he was. When we were out on a hike, the only way we could get him to pass, say, a cow or a donkey that happened to be standing on the other side of a fence, was to put the leash on him and lead him. He would be straining and leaning as far away from the fearsome beastie as possible, virtually flat on the ground.

Again, no pics.
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Is this one of those Mefi things, where linking to your dog pics is frowned upon for being too plebeian?
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I dunno, I liked the pictures, although I also recognize that if pet pictures were considered fair game then we'd be drowning in them.

Even so, I vote they stay for reason of great cuteness and scary canine intelligence. Did you notice the look in those dogs' eyes in the banner? They can see me through the internet connection, I'm sure of it.
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collywobbles: "I've posted a lot of photos of my dog on the internet too. I'm not going to link to them."

Reggie and Emma don't understand people who "feh" on dog blogs.

They would also like to go to the park now.
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Reggie and Emma are not amused. Awesome.
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I also had border collies growing up and they herded cars, one died and we gave the other away to a farm but it may have run off. They are scary smart, like owning a pet Monkey smart. If they are not fully trained and kept occupied they cause trouble.
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The pics were delightful.

The captions made me think, "this woman is going to be an absolute nightmare if she gets to the point where she has grandkids, instead of just dogs."
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Dammit, Metafilter, I want a dog now.
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MetaFilter: Scary smart, like pet monkey smart
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I guess there isn't a potential topic, even photos of happy dogs frolicking on the beach, that won't earn Metafilter's undying, withering contempt.
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you wimps... I'm not afraid to link to a photo of my dog!
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My favorite thing about the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was watching the herding dog trials. The trainer's gestures are so subtle, it almost seems like the dogs are doing their thing just for kicks. My friend's border collie used to instinctively herd us at sleepover parties.
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The Doberman's discovery of whipped cream is priceless.
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Maybe I expected too much, but there's nothing remarkable about any of these photos.

They're mediocre photographs of some typical dogs. I've got thousands like them of my own on my hard drive. All this guy has is a decent camera with a lot of time.

Dogs look healthy. That's something at least.
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I guess I was the only one who felt very upbeat after reading the captions! Maybe it's because I'm pet-starved on my third year of not living with pets :(

(luckily I have my mussie to go home to on the weekends)
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