June 11, 2001
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In the desert on the U.S.-Mexico border, charity becomes political protest as humanitarian groups seek to put hundreds of gallons of water in the form of "watering stations" -- a few gallons of water and a blue flag -- on federal, military, private, and Indian lands.
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Won't these stations become a likely target for INS patrols? Wouldn't that keep folks away?
posted by silusGROK at 3:43 PM on June 11, 2001

Just like using a salt lick to go deer hunting. Come to the water folks. The get on the bus and go back home.
posted by a3matrix at 3:53 PM on June 11, 2001

This comes after Mexico planned to offer survival kits to migrants, and governors from both sides of the border agree something needs to be done.

Fortunately, with the new administration in Mexico, and a possibly sympathetic one in Washington, we'll be able to finally get some sanity on immigration, and in time all these illegal border crossings will diminish. I'm glad the push is largely coming from Republicans, because the people up in arms about this ... well, over on the Usenet permanent floating flamewar, they're suggesting landmines instead of water. (Actually, that one, being limited to chi.general -- unlike most of the crossposted crap -- was relatively thoughtful.)
posted by dhartung at 4:36 PM on June 11, 2001

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