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Frankensteinia. Just about everything you can think of having to do with Victor Frankenstein and his monster is here. Everything from the actors who portrayed the doctor and the monster, toys, Nazi Frankensteins, illustrations, movie posters, and of course the story behind the book.
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It's Frankensteen.
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Not my favorite monster, but I appreciate the devotion. And it's a welcome distraction from all of the zombie-, vampire- and werewolf-mania going on out there.

I had forgotten about The Bride, with Clancy Brown as Frankenstein. Way better than DeNiro.
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I love Frankensteinia. I was already very fond of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, but their post on it, and the story of how Lugosi's performance was hollowed out, really makes me sad that I can't see that original version. Thanks for the reminder to check there more often, marxchivist.
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What hump?
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Some great stuff here. I like the mix of "serious Frankenstein art" and goofy pop culture crap.
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