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This week marks the 102nd Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle races, run over the 60.7 km Snaefell Mountain Course. The inaugural TT had a fuel consumption component to the rules, which was abandoned for the 1909 event. 100 years on, zero carbon, clean emission comes to motorcyle road racings Mecca in the form of the TTXGP

The iPhone equipped, open architecture, Motoczysz.
The Best Buy sponsored Brammo Enertia.
The 150mph, ex Tesla engineer designed Mission One
The student built, made in India Tork
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Warning: The TTXGP link auto-loads video with a smooth soundtrack.
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Ok, requisite link to Cremaster 4 -- sadly the closest thing to an excerpt online is this Mystery Science Theater parody on YouTube.

Or maybe not so sadly, depending.
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Nice place: clean water, fresh air, blue skies.

We get what we deserve: rainy mornings, dry evenings. It's growing on my nerves. "Just gases?" You fascists!
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I am in favour of any motor race that has clocked up enough fatalities to warrant a separate Wikipedia entry. I imagine it's just like Death Race 200, but with real ale and a Queen soundtrack. There's even a category for bystanders.
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I'm dissapointed by the lack of dustbin fairings on the TTX bikes, don't they know that aero loads are their main problem and the fairing rules had been opened substantially for the TTX class. You couldn't quite pull off the full dustbin like the above picture, but you certainly could have gotten alot better than the standard super sport bike.
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Analogue is better.
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If you like to get up close and personal with the racing, the TT is the place to be.
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*searches Tivo*


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Ok, requisite link to Cremaster 4

Um, or not. I really don't need to feel squicked by amorphous proto-genitalia while watching motorcycle racing, thanks.

I used to think the Manx TT was pretty much the pinnacle of hairy-chested motorcycle racing; it takes some serious brass nards to be racing over cobblestones inches from trees, houses, and stone walls. Then I discovered how the Irish do road racing. Same sort of circuit as the Isle of Man, except none of this wimpy time trial nonsense. They go into the same tight turns in crowded packs!

I race at tracks in northern California, and our organization is very safety conscious - no racing in the rain, well-maintained tracks, airfence in crash zones where there isn't adequate runoff room, ambulances queued up... whereas the Irish seem to rely on a few haybales scattered around. It's an entirely different sport than what I participate in...
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I am in favour of any motor race that has clocked up enough fatalities to warrant a separate Wikipedia entry.
My mother, as a child, was regularly taken, along with all the family, by my bike-mad grandfather to the TTs (where he would steward.) She tells the story of one year seeing a rider die right in front of her...

Oh and Norton are back!
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They go into the same tight turns in crowded packs !

That is insane...
Though the TTs do the crowded stuff too (well, sort of): Mad Sunday when they let the public on the course
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