Let's go in the kitchen and make a game.
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Pencil Rebel is a little bitty point-n-click interactive adventure hand-wired with LEDs and simple circuit boards, and made with hand-cut and decorated cardboard, plasticine, string, and other household odd and ends. The artist, Grzegorz Kozakiewicz, has also made a (with spoilers!) video showing his process.
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oooh i love these kinds of sites. very nicely done.
posted by fuzzypantalones at 9:36 AM on June 9, 2009

Fun game - the "boss battle" thing was a bit weak but that in no way overshadows the amazing effort put forth to make this. And it was all for under 200 pounds...
posted by doubleozaphod at 9:39 AM on June 9, 2009

Okay, I'm stuck on the very first screen.

I moved the brussel sprouts, a hole opens up in the floor, and then nothing happens. The door's still locked, and the guy's just standing there, and nothing else seems clickable. What am I missing?

Is this a "hunt the pixel" kind of deal?
posted by ook at 9:48 AM on June 9, 2009

No, no pixel hunting. Is the guy standing over the hole? Maybe start over?
posted by tula at 9:54 AM on June 9, 2009

Yeah, he's just standing there. Tried again from the beginning, same result; must be a bug.

Oh well. The screenshots are pretty.
posted by ook at 10:01 AM on June 9, 2009

Loved this! Excellent little work diversion.
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Fun! And not too hard.
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I can't find all of the secrets. One seems to be missing. Think it should show up just before the screen containing the moose, but I haven't found anything to click on to make it appear.
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Pretty! Definitely saw the brussel sprouts and yelled Towers of Hanoi!!!!
posted by edbles at 5:18 PM on June 9, 2009

If you like the game you should really give the video a try. It's really great.
posted by tula at 9:50 PM on June 9, 2009

Very cute!

I think, though, that Towers of Hanoi needs to be put next to The Goddamned 15-Puzzle on the list of puzzles for game designers to please, please not use any more.
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Did you just challenge me to a game of tic tac toe? I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!

Fun post!
posted by chairface at 8:19 AM on June 13, 2009

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