Tragedy at a tragic place
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The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. is a national museum that is a living memorial to the Holocaust and those that suffered in it. The museum has over 13,000,000 tourists annually. Today, a gunman entered the main entrance and opened up fire with a shotgun on the guards. Guards returned fire and injured the gunman, who has been identified as James Van Brunn. The story is developing.
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We need a third thread on this?
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Apparently, James W. von Brunn is a World War II veteran.

It's unclear which side he was on.
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There, now it's in all three.
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Third time, still unlucky.
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How is that you can bitch about a post and THEN triple-post it? Now THOSE are stones.
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Is dios counting on the other two both getting deleted?
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Deliberate triple-posting is a crime, but it is not a hate crime.
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