Woodworker/artist Sam Maloof dies
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Self-taught Sam Maloof, who called himself a woodworker, died recently at 93. Here’s a somewhat balky 21-minute youtube of him being interviewed, whilst shaping and piecing a chair.

His book "Sam Maloof, Woodworker" [ISBN13: 9780870119101; ISBN10: 0870119109] is partially available here.

"Ray Charles couldn't see my furniture," Maloof told a reporter. "But he said he could feel that it had soul. When he asked about my rocker [at a friend's house], his host told him, 'That's a chair made by Sam Maloof.' Ray ran his hands over the wood shouting, 'I know this man! I know this man!' On his next visit, the first thing Ray Charles said was, 'I'd like to touch that furniture again that Sam Maloof made.' “
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An amazing woodworker and a good human! I am sorry he is gone, but glad he was here.
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There was (is?) an extensive collection of his work at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I visited the exhibit several years ago and was impressed with his work.
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The NY Times link in the OP isn't working for me, but this should: WOOD WORKS; For Life's Meaning, Examine the Grain. And since it came up while searching, here's Sam Maloof's obit.
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You can also visit his original home; it is chock full of Sam originals and handiwork (all the door hardware is wood!), and an extensive collection of local art in various forms - pottery, sculpture, canvas, etc. He was a great patron of art and his foundation continues to support it. The house is also a testament to his life's great love, Freida.

I was lucky enough to visit a couple years ago and our group got to hang out with him for a while. But I'm frankly surprised he made it this long - he was pretty frail even then.

A true loss for the worlds of woodworking and fine art.
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uaudio, thank you. It didn't occur to me to look at the Smithsonian, but here's a transcript of an oral history with Maloof.
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ahh, bummer.
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My father told me about Maloof's death today, and I looked up other master woodworkers that he's appreciated, such as Bob Stocksdale. Maloof endorsed Stocksdale's book. There are pictures of Stocksdale's bowls in "To turn the perfect wooden bowl."
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Beautiful - I was not familiar with his work before now. Inspiring stuff. Thank you.
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Loved your post, thanks.
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