The Chicken Dance
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The Chicken Dance inspires lunacy like no other piece of music. I found myself in a giggling fit over the silliness of the pictures on this page. Beware-it has the obligatory embedded MIDI file.
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LOL!!! - my new home page!
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Lovely couple. Is that the bride's mother wearing white at the wedding though? How gauche!
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Good lord.
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Another sign of the impending apocalypso.
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inspires lunacy like no other piece of music
As a substitute teacher, I start the day with the chicken dance whenever possible.

the first time I ever heard of it, the music teacher had written the moves down:
1) make a "talking beak" with your hands four times
2) flap wings four times
3) you kind of do the twist and bend your knees four beats
4) clap four times

...during the harmonious part of the music (for lack of a better term), walk like a chicken or wave your arms in place

... repeat

Get yoself a copy :D
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are you all crazy?

I have never heard of the chicken dance-is this some strange Midwestern cult activity???????
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This song is well known in the UK as The Birdie Song by The Tweets. It's usually a lot faster than the MIDI on that page though. Typical adult party song.

According to the Guinness Book of Hit British Singles, it was at number 2 in the charts on 12th September 1981, and stayed in the charts for 23 weeks. Do remember that many very very stupid songs like this got into the top 10 in the UK in the 70s and early 80s.

There was a followup called 'Let's all Sing like the Birdies Sing', but this only made it to number 44.
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Aaaaaaa Gaaaaa Do Do Do
Push Pineaple...
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I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where they didn't do the Chicken Dance at some point (usually early in the reception festivities when the kids are still around....then later it's the Electric Slide for all those single bridesmaids still hoping to pick up a guy)
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In NC I've only been to two or three weddings where there was dancing, music or fun of any sort (a bible belt thing, I guess) and very few are in the evening. Once the cake is cut and the bride has all the pictures on her list, her mom and aunts are wrapping up the leftovers. yippee
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