For those who believe in fate
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When your number's up, it's up! For those who believe in fate. The sad story of a woman who missed the fateful Air France flight that crashed into the sea, only to drive head on into a truck a few days later.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is basically News Of The Weird, Dead Person Edition. Two tiny wire blurbs? -- cortex

Those who believe in fate would have been just as impressed had she lived to 100. It wasn't her time so fate intervened at the last moment to keep her off that flight!
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I don't know. I'm torn between a respectful


and the somewhat more compelling


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Oh, I've seen this movie.
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When Widmore Industries wants you dead, you're dead.
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maybe it was her time, and she fucked up evrybody else by missing that plane..
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Best of the Web?
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Final Destination.
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Just enough time to let out a sigh of relief, contemplate one's good fortune at dodging a bullet, and resume making plans for the future.

Fate is one cruel mofo.
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And now here's Chuck with the sports.
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Final Destination is underrated. It is a great movie.
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Having lost loved ones in sudden, tragic disasters which left me alive, I can imagine that missing the plane crash must have jolted her into a frame of mind where the people and things that mattered to her came to the front of her mind. I'd like to think that in her short week of life after the crash, she made the best of her life and had the chance - and need - to openly express her love to friends and family. Most of us won't have the chance to see our lives in such stark contrast so shortly before we go.

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I think it was Burt Young who noted that "life is funny as shit"
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We're all dead, we just don't know it yet.
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I am positive that missing that tragic flight had a profound psychological effect on that woman and her husband. I'm not saying that she intentionally drove herself off the road (there's no indication of cause of fault), but I wouldn't doubt it if I heard her death was the result of some deep psychological something that may have caused her to act more recklessly.

I don't believe in fate, not like this.
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I've seen this around the net today (reddit, various blogs, etc.) and each time it seems a bit dickish. A bit "HAW HAW LOOK YOU STILL DIED LADY", and something bugs me about it. Folks looking for any excuse that the time to die is based on fate.

Anyway, here's a "." for her. Hope she had a great last week with her loved ones, and that she doesn't get left remembered as a punch line to an awful tragedy by the rest of us.
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