Civil War Maps
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The Civil War Preservation Trust has a wonderful page of assorted American Civil War maps. Includes the excellent CWPT topographical maps [viewable online, download .pdf requires free registration], and historical maps. My favorites are the animated maps, on the map of the First Day of Chancellorsville you can toggle between the topo map and a present-day satellite view so you can see the effects of modern development on the battlefield. [via]
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This is indeed full of awesome. I've been to some of these battlefields, and it is really interesting to see this view of how the battles were fought.
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Very cool. I live near the Chancellorsville Battlefield and it's always weird to think that these guys were probably in my back yard at some point. In fact, one of General Lee's maps that I found online indicated that McClaw's Division was in fact camping in what is now my backyard the day after the Battle of Chancellorsville.
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There's a special kind of pain related to such as the Bentonville animated map. That is to say, there is for those who are made miserable by the more egregious examples of modern development. I could wish that it - the presentation - got wider circulation than this site.
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