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I agree. Pixar needs to make a movie in which the main character is female.

To their credit, the female character that have appeared in many of their films have been complex, independent characters whose personalities weren't primarily based in their gender, although a large part of their purpose in the film was defined by their relationships with the male characters, and that should also be addressed. But Elastigirl is as strong a female character as I have ever seen on film, and I sort of wish the movie had been about her. For about a third of Th Incredibles, it is, and I think that section of the film is superb.
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Pixar does female characters well: Dory and Peach in Finding Nemo, Jessie in Toy Story 2, the Parr women in The Incredibles, the ant royalty in A Bug's Life...they're all great. But none of them have their name above the title, and I can't help but believe that when Pixar makes that leap, they're going to do it in a way that doesn't automatically turn their movie into a girl's movie, because they are already so good at making movies that knock everyone out equally.

And it's my hope that when they do it, everyone doesn't make a big freaking deal out of how it's a Pixar film about A Girl, because that will just be beside the point.
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