Gimme That Old Time Derivation
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The Cornell Historical Math Monographs archive has a great many famous papers, including works by De Morgan, Hamilton, Descartes (warning: French) and of course Lewis Carroll.

Found while searching for this interesting paper.
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I actually own a copy in dead tree form...
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If you enjoy that paper, you may also enjoy this (which would have been a great addition to your post had it existed in 2005).
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Kempe's monograph is actually quite interesting, and led me to make this model of a Peaucellier cell.
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man that is an annoying interface. On documents who's height is more then the size of the window (even if the extra space is just margins), you have a choice of scrolling up each time you want to move or using an unwieldy pull down menu. It would be a lot nice if they just added next/back buttons to the nav bar on the top.
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You know, Lego Technic beams and pins are probably a lot simpler way to make model linkages. Self-link (also, I knew a lot less about linkages back then...)
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Tube: led me to make this model of a Peaucellier cell

So where'd you get that t-shirt?
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The shirt?

Matt Haughey once created an arcane six bar linkage between my computer, Comcast, a Metatalk sidebar ad, Paypal, UPS, and my mailbox.
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