GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador
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Over 2,500 songs from Newfoundland (and also from away)

The layout is full of terrible frames but the content is staggering. Over 700 of the songs come with video (though many of the videos are cover versions); many others have chords or MIDI; some have historical details (don't miss the story of Virtue Kean). One of the most complete catalogues of Newfoundland's living and growing musical tradition on the Internet.

Some highlights:

Great Big Sea
Wade Hemsworth, complete with National Film Board of Canada short
Stan Rogers (previously)
Tons of sea shanties
And of course Buddy Wasisname and the other fellers
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h/t to Miko's recent post which reminded me of this site.
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This (the post) is why I love Metafilter.

This (the music) is one of the reasons I'm totally in love with Newfoundland.

But ummm...some of those artists and songs aren't from Newfoundland. Spirit of the West, Stan Rogers, and the Dubliners, for example.
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Eric Bogle?
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...Yes, the site gets pretty much all over the Celtic diaspora. Even to Vancouver. They address this on the front page:
Why So Many Non-Provincial Songs?

Every once in a while someone asks that question.

Firstly, we always have and always will give priority
to those songs which originate with the composers
and performers of Newfoundland and Labrador
whether they be traditional or modern.

Secondly, It can't be denied that much of the musical
heritage of the province comes directly or indirectly
from other sources. Many songs have been adopted
into the culture from Canadian Atlantic provinces,
as well as the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Songs of non-provincial origin have become an
important part of the province's heritage. As such,
we feel it is vital to provide space for them rather
than have a 100% Provincial-only Web site.
So make of that what you will.
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arr, as an ex-pat Nefie I thank you
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As a proud Newfoundlander living in Ohio, I thank you for this post!
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Well if we're posting our favourites, I like Ron Hynes because he's a great storyteller (Sonny's Dream and No Change in Me), and I had no idea he'd recorded Old Brown's Daughter. I might even like his Old Brown's Daughter better than the GBS version. I can't decide.
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Roy Payne's a favourite of mine.
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With over 2,500 songs to choose from, I have to rely on a Google site search to determine which songs are most relevant.

Four of five of the first results are about alcohol.
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I can't help but wonder why there's a big Canadian flag up in the corner there. No sign of the pink, white and green.

So is anyone planning a Newfoundland meetup for the Mefi 10th?
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Go for it Brodiggitty. Set up the first (I think) Newfoundland meetup. I'll try to be there.
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I'd love to. The problem is, I'm about as far from the overpass as you can get. (By road, at least).
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Excellent, thank you.
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Hooray for the unofficial anthem of my native North Vancouver: The Crawl.
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