Hey. Hey! HEY!!!!
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Hey: the Motion Picture. Featuring dinosaurs and a brief intermission for snacks. That is all.
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T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics finally hits the big time!
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I truly believe that this is what the internet was invented for all those years ago. It's nice to see it finally being used properly.
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I'm reminded of a Far Side comic.
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I prefer the subtitled version.
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been trying to eat you
must be a plexiglas window between us
or raptors in my head
raptors at my door
raptors in my bed
but hey
have you
if you run you will surely die
we're mai-ayy-ayy-aimed
we're mai hai haimed!
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(bum bum)


(bum bum ba-dum)


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Q: What do gay dinosaurs eat?
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I think this was on G4's Attack of The Show yesterday. Not that I care. I still think it's hilarious.
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Fun, but I was really hoping fora Hey, Hey Hey ala Fat Albert.
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Some dinosaurs are dumber than others.
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That was surprisingly funny - I LOATHE these movies, but that was a good clip.
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needs more Bruce.
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been trying to eat you

Damn- that's what I was hoping for when I saw the title.

You know how Frantic is very loose and unacknowledged* riff on She Came in Through the Bathroom Window and doesn't have the song in it's soundtrack, even over the closing credits?

Or Vanilla Sky from Ubik?

That's what I'd like to see for Hey. Something where three or four lines from the song are relevant-- too many to be coincidence, but not a slavish adaptation. There's not enough of a story there anyway is there?

*not just my imagination!
  • she came in through the bathroom window (Michelle sneaks into her apt. through a bathroom skylight)
  • protected by a silver spoon (Michelle's into cocaine, ┬┐is a trust fund kid?)
  • and so I quit the police department (Harrison Ford gives up on the French police & tries to find his disappeared wife on his own)
    Also, not my idea: my dad's, but he's a poet, so always discovering & creating synchronicity, allusion and confusion.

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