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Saturday Flash Hangover: Help a penguin Learn to Fly and scratch "flighless bird" from that stupid wikipedia article.

The comments thread has spoilers, so I'll add [via RockPaperShotgun] below the fold. One of the commentors at RPS linked to the bittersweet animated short Kiwi! [previously] [previouslier], which is an extra helping of *sniffle* on an extra-blue day on the Blue, so you may want to skip that.
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"We just haven't been flapping them hard enough!"
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Similar: Hedgehog Launch and Hedgehog Launch 2
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Pretty easy, but fun.
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Argh, why can't I go to the fourth level? I did all the achievements!
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23 days
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Wow. The Kiwi video was great. It reminds me of an animation, possibly by a polish artist, of a man sitting under a tree, when a penguin walks up to him. The penguin looks at him, then jumps, trying to fly. He keeps doing this untill he injures himself, and looks back at the man, sad and defeated. The it cuts to the penguin flying, with a huge smile. The view pans back, and he's lying on a picnic table, and the man has converted a bicycle to power a rotating screen painted with clouds, and the penguin is able to imagine he's flying. Touching animation, and a bit melancholy, in the good sense.
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That was fun. I thought it was going to be really easy, given that you can use power ups to knock off the achievements without necessarily building skill in the dynamics of actually controlling the penguin. So I spent about twenty turns on level 5 figuring out how to actually fly. Just barely got to 6,000. Don't know what the best way to get there is.
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How to get 6000: keep resistance at 4% and use short bursts to keep speed between 125 and 150. When your fuel runs out, change resistance to 0% (barely) and glide down. After the bounce, change resistance to about 3%.
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Ghidorah, that animation is here. It's a good one.
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got to 7203 after game bounce, just get to 7-15 feet and stay there, pulsing the rocket with the beat
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