Poupees Viandes
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Poupees Viandes (Meat Puppets): a flickr photoset of "flesh dolls made with stuffed taxidermy skin." These sculptures are not for those easily made nauseous! (via)
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Why?, why?
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I liked their "Too High To Die" album a lot more than "No Joke!" but...oh, the other capitalized Meat Puppets...Ick!
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I think these things have just overtook creepy clown doll as the 1# weird stuff doll that I would not want watching me as I sleep. OmniWise you should be proud.
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Dear lord those are terrifying.
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I bet that the person who made these probably wins the record for 'times where he had to explain that he's not actually a serial killer'.
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It took me 40 slides or so to grasp how disgusting these are. Then I realized that there's a dead flesh sculpture giving birth. Ewewewewew.
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Yeah, I hit the back button pretty damn fast on that one. Every single one of those... things... is like something you'd see the FBI agent accidentally uncover in the killer's filthy apartment, then run off camera to throw up. No thanks.
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My previous meat puppet post.
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One of these hanging from the rear view mirror of my Volvo wagon would match the rest of the car's decor so perfectly! Needs to make me one now!!! Sources for materials & construction methods s'il vous plait?
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Last Thursday, my ex-brother-in-law was convicted of killing his girlfriend with an axe. It happened sometime around Valentine's Day 2008, though the police apparently were unable to establish an exact date of death, only that she had apparently been dead for some days before he was arrested on the 15th and her body was found.

He claimed "only" to have beaten her with the blunt end of the axe, while the coroner contended that there were clearly slash marks from the head of the axe, and had photos to illustrate this position. My other ex-BIL, his older brother, attended the trial and actually saw the photos from the crime scene and coroner, despite having been close with the deceased. He assured me they were gruesome, and I was glad not to have seen them.

Now, I kinda feel like I saw them anyway.
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notashroom, they don't strike me as any more disturbing than any sleep-away camp horror movie or any NIN video.
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These are kind of hot.
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OK, I resisted hatin' on that stupid keyboard cat video because some people like that kind of thing, but let me just start the morning with a little negativity, please? These don't make me the least bit squeamish, as do, say, war photos. This "gross doll" thing has been going on in "the art world" (in which I am reluctantly including Flickerset and other internet sites) for decades, like photos of decaying buildings in Detroit. Nothing is added to the genre here, IMO.
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*frantically clicks back button*

Where did I put my eye bleach?!
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These don't make me the least bit squeamish

Really? These made me almost physically ill. The only thing that has ever engendered a similar feeling was a book of crime scene photos I looked at once. I posted it mostly because I'm fascinated that someone could want to make these, and would be able to make them, without having the same feelings of revulsion I did.
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I really have no idea what the hell I just looked at... someone explain to me what "taxidermy skin" is, and what kind of "flesh"... and..the big question is "why?????"

As art this is terrible, as a joke this is terrible, as a form of social protest this is terrible, as a hobby this is terrible, as a post here on metafilter...it's just sort of "ewwww..look at that"...
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Previously on AskMe.

There are a few prints by the same artist here (NSFW).
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You know, I delight in the creepy more than now-and-again, but I would probably not prop one of these up on my desk and invite my coworkers to poke it.

notashroom, it sounds like you need someone to talk to.
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I think the purpose of this exhibit is to make you feel glad.

Glad you don't have the thoughts that provoked this 'artwork' running around in your head.
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Repulsive is the new black.
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Yeah. Sorry, not getting the shock and horror and disgust vibe. If anything, all I can think is "Man, I really need to get off my lazy ass, because I could do so many things cooler than these with these materials."

This may have something to do with the fact I'm pretty much desensitized to these sort of things and have always wanted to take up taxidermy as a hobby.
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Slide 69-2, wherein a shemale meatpuppet grips its own, well, its own "meatpuppet", is decidedly NSFW.
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i like
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Well, I think they rock.
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Dolls are for kids, taxidermy is for natural history museums, and beef jerky is for camping trips.
Beef jerky-taxidermy-dolls? Meh. Somebody's trying too hard.
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notashroom, it sounds like you need someone to talk to.

Thanks, I have that covered. I am more squeamish than usual in the wake of the trial, but this was just the wrong thing at the wrong time.

They'd be in better taste if they were made of bacon.
posted by notashroom at 11:47 AM on June 22, 2009

They'd be in better taste if they were made of bacon.

Everything tastes better when it's made out of bacon.
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Previously on AskMe.

Ah, yes.

I have to say, as far as hoax setups go, that one was nicely done. If it had gotten some legs on, you would never get these little bastards out of your inbox. "Dolls made of fetuses and stillborn children used to ward off evil spirits" could have been the new "Bonsai Kittens."

In fact, there's still time. These are excellent material for horrified, hand wringing forwards from your more gulliable acquaintances. I think we may see these in that forum, and when that day comes, you will stop checking your email during breakfast.
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