Our Band Could Be Your Comic
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Metafilter's own COBRA! has been producing a great comic about a rock band for quite awhile; and now it's been released as a book! Get to know the Awesome Boys in Nowhere Band.
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I hate to snark, but flickr is a god-awful way to read a comic. Good thing there's a proper interface (the last link), and now, a book!
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BTW, who knew Metafilter usernames would make such good band names?
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(blushes at post)

Yeah, I agree about Flickr; but I know some people who've gotten into the habit of reading it there, so I still do the uploads. The main site's definitely the preferred way to get the comic.

and to be honest, I've been waiting a long time for someone to get the MeFi usernames band name joke...
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LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! (congrats!)
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I've been enjoying this, thanks. My boss may hate you for posting this, but I like it.
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This is great! Way to go COBRA! Sweet post title too.
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thanks for the link & yea! COBRA! i just spent the last hour getting up to speed on the awesome boys. very entertaining, and very true to the mark. thanks.
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Some of this stuff looks familiar - was some of this in Rift? The map of the Turf Club (you stopped before you got to the photo booth!) The booth at the CC Club. The Entry. I have spent much time there. Oh yes.

Several years ago, there was a band called the Astro Zombies, mainly made up of members of the First Ave stage crew. I think they played three shows, including New Band Night. They were OK, very seventies rock influenced, somewhat psychedelic. Their lead guitar played had the most wicked awesome pants.
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Oh man, I'm loving this one.
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I just all 76 episodes. Very very good. And now I have the RSS feed.
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Thanks a lot, everybody. And for what it's worth, I'm inking #77 over lunch today, it'll be up by the end of the week.

Some of this stuff looks familiar - was some of this in Rift? The map of the Turf Club (you stopped before you got to the photo booth!)

I don't think the strip was ever in Rift* (I talked to them about it briefly, but we never agreed on anything), but I did have a column there for a little while with the same name and covering sort of the same material (only not, y'know, fictional).

With the Turf strip, I drew that one from memory, and was kind of crestfallen the next time I was in there and saw what I'd gotten wrong with the layout. Object lesson about being lazy, I guess...

*Rift's a Twin Cities music mag that's gone through a couple of Christlike death-and-resurrection cycles.
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