Angkor Wat Edition
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Too Complex To Exist? [1] Paul Kedrosky has been pondering complex social systems and why they sometimes fail. Apparently it has something to do with "normalization of deviance," "tight coupling" [2] and "slack." [3]
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Four links in and this is fascinating. Thanks.

Seems to be an overlap with the thinking of Paul Virilio.
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We live within our means. Then our means change. If means go up, good. If means go down, bad.

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So "normalization of deviance", "tight coupling", and "slack" - don't mean what you think they mean, you right-wing nutjobs.
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Apparently it has something to do with "normalization of deviance," "tight coupling" [2] and "slack." [3]

Don't forget the yetis [4].
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Tight coupling? Slack? Normalization of deviance? That's when I knew that this guy is an engineer or software developer. And a glimpse at his Books list confirms the latter.
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While the whole phase changes and complex system stuff was interesting, what really got me was the video of the shock-wave in traffic: the traffic jam developing and propagating on a closed circular track was funny and mesmerizing.
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The National Geographic article on Angkor is accompanied by a nice photo gallery and an interactive feature.
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