Heart-attack prevention bill, mandating coverage for CAD screening, passes quietly in Texas
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Texas Passes Controversial Heart-attack Prevention Bill Austin, TX - Last Friday, while wading through reams of other bills and paperwork awaiting his attention, Texas Gov Rick Perry signed off on the controversial Texas Heart Attack Prevention Bill, mandating health-benefit plans to provide coverage for certain screening tests for early coronary artery disease [1]. This time around, the ACC says it "officially supported" the legislation, whereas the AHA, by contrast, has refused to take a formal position on the bill.
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It's a shame, especially given the deep hole that we're all in with regard to health care costs, that a single legislator's n=1 experience can trigger the mandatory coverage of a screening procedure that may not be cost-effective.

It's too bad that the legislature didn't focus on the most common proximal causes of coronary artery disease: poor diet and lack of exercise. Instead of doing the work, they took the easy route of an unfunded mandate that runs counter to the evidence-based medicine approach that we're going to need to implement if we're ever to reform heath care.

Of course, it's Rick Perry, so I don't expect rationale thought and intellect to be in use.
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