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Giovanni Arrighi, the renowned authority in the fields of world systems analysis and historical sociology, died earlier this month. A retrospective interview on his intellectual trajectory was published in the March/April 2009 issue of New Left Review. A major international conference was held in his honour in late May in Madrid, featuring several top scholars in an exploration of the insights of Arrighi’s work.
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Ahorita estoy en Mexico y por eso no quiero decir cosas malditas de su ultima referencia. But, man... give us English-speakers a break!
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What a fascinating man. I wasn't aware of Arrighi's work before this. Thanks.
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I missed this obit at Counterpunch from someone who studied under Arrighi, and forgot to do a previously to a video I posted of Arrighi on a panel discussing his Adam Smith in Beijing (four chapters of which can be downloaded at the second link in the main post).
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Great post. I'm especially glad to see that NLR has taken that excellent interview with David Harvey from behind their subscribers-only paywall – it's such a fitting memorial.
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I just heard the news of his death yesterday. I've not read much of his work -- just a few journal articles -- but found it very compelling. Thanks for the post, I'm very much looking forward to the interview by Harvey.
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Another obituary Internationalist par excellence
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