Nice weather for protests.
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June has been a good month for political upheaval and mass protest. Peru (update), China, and Iran were discussed here previously. But how many of the following were you aware of: Canada, Thailand, Honduras, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Pakistan, and India? The latter four reflect a quite serious electricity shortage throughout the Indian subcontinent, during a record-breaking heat wave that has caused over 100 deaths. But don't worry, not everyone is dealing with life-threatening problems. In Israel 30,000 turned out to protest a parking lot. Meanwhile, Indymedia continues to cover all the bourgeois first-world protests you've never really wanted to know about.
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Canada wasn't much to do with "political upheaval and mass protest". It was a protest aimed at getting our government to take action in regards to a real political (and non-political) upheaval in a different country, which protest garnered very significant coverage in the media.

I'm very glad to hear that Peru has stepped back from their agreements, though.
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Excellent summation of Indymedia. Which isn't to say, of course, that first world protests matter less or something. But there's something really inspiring about seeing some truly destitute and beaten down people organizing and pushing back.
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Yeah, if we're going to play "which of these things is not like the others", it's Canada where the Tamil protests were not really against the Cdn government but against the Sri Lankan government.

Also, the current front page of Indymedia: Darryl Hannah looks like hell in that picture.
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No big indymedia fan, but that is indyclimate, the "Indymedia World" link on that same page leads to headlines about Peru, Honduras, Angola, and Mumia Abu Jamal (I kind of expected that last one).
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why the indymedia hate? it was begun / was (is?) based in the U.S., yes, and the model is not big in asia, but the gripes sound personal.
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I posted some information from the Vegan Society on an indymedia site and had it removed as 'hate speech.' Posting to or reading indymedia has been less appealing since this happened.
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half the blue sometimes can feel like that though, no? ;p
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