What's Karl Rove up to?
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What's Karl Rove up to? "Karl Rove, President Bush's top White House political adviser, met with senior executives of a high-tech firm (Intel) who were seeking his help in obtaining government approval of a merger at a time when he owned stock in the company worth more than $100,000."

Also, James Hatfield (a shady character himself) - who alleged in a book that Bush was arrested for cocaine and had it removed from his record now alleges that the source was none other than Mr. Rove...
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About that latter part, owillis, Hatfield comes off as so duplicitous and weasely that I'm not sure what to believe of what he says. Don't get me wrong -- it'd make my day to believe that one of Bush's own cronies admitted to the coke coverup. But did I miss something, or does Hatfield fail to explain why in hell Rove would do something like that in the first place?
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Rove has a history of elaborate political dirty tricks, but this would have to be a new world record. If Rove was really the source, the only motive I can think of is to plant a damaging story with a source who will be pathetically easy to discredit later.

Hatfield served time for paying a hit man $5,000 to kill a coworker in 1987, and the guy actually put a carbomb in her car that went off (she escaped unharmed). I think that should disqualify him from being taken seriously as a political commentator or source.
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Yeah, I can't put much credence to Hatfield's claims. But the Intel story is a bit troubling. Of course, nobody is seriously covering either. Which seems to be par for the course for this administration...
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wheres a McCoy when you need one.
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..."deploy McCoy decoy." "Yes sir", Spock goes over and puts Bones down, security is alerted.
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