Congress members urge hip-hop industry to self-regulate.
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Congress members urge hip-hop industry to self-regulate. I'm glad that when I was reading this headline, I wasn't drinking. I imagined Coca-cola all over my screen. I thought to myself: 'hip-hoppers are doing a good enough job regulating themselves, look at Biggie, Tupac, Freaky Tah, et al.' And Rep. Earl Hilliard, D-Ala., suggested a ratings system similar to the movie industry's. Oh yeah, we all know how well they work.
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Regulatorrrrrs... mount up!
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"Bubba, we gotta find us a way to protect our young'uns and kin-folk from them coloreds and their crack music..."

But seriously, why is a low-life like Luther Campbell defending the industry? (Why is he still around at all?) Where's Chuck D?
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As dumb as all this is, where's the "Angry White Singer Guys Who Say Mean Things Summit"?
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Hip-hop industry urges congress members to ram various pointy objects up their asses.

This really is just a skull-clutcher. God bless congress for making sure we don't have too much free speech. Did anyone else find this sentence at all chilling?

"Washington can regulate you out of business if you do not have your act together," said Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss.

Ahhhhh. Aggrieved right-wingers may observe this usually-leftie hoisting one angry finger in the direction of certain Democrats.
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butt freak 9 gives this album 3 caps up.
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If congress can't self-regulate (even to the degree of managing their own bank accounts), why do they have the hypocricy to suggest that others do?
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Diplomaticimmunity, great point.
I can think of a hundred other things our elected officials should be spending time on. Personally, (I have no evidence or link, just an opinion) I think Congress is laying the groundwork for some major campaign contributions from one of the most successful industries in this country.
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