Freedom Flight
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15 year old Kimberly Anyadike is flying across the country (YouTube) to honor the Tuskegee Airmen.

Anyadike became a pilot through Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, a (fantastic!) program that teaches at-risk inner city kids to fly airplanes. Retired Maj. Levi Thornhill, one of the surviving Airmen, is acommpanying her on her journey, and they plan on stopping in several cities along the way to have other surviving Airmen sign the plane.
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I thought we stopped doing this kind of thing after Jessica Dubroff?
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Wufpak, I thought so too, but it turns out the Child Pilot Safety Act never actually got turned into law.
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More news on this tribute flight here.

I took lessons at a flying club founded by a Tuskegee Airman. He has some great stories. The last time I saw him I asked if he attended the presidential inauguration, because I knew the Airmen were invited to some prime seats. Not only did he attend Obama's inauguration, he'd also attended FDR's.
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Manipulating the controls does not a pilot make. The Pilot In Command (PIC) is the one who makes the decisions and is responsible for the safety of the flight. The person they're calling the "co-pilot" -- Levi Thornhill -- is the PIC; the 15 year old is a passenger.
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@lord_wolf: I know some really bad and overbroad knee-jerk legislation was defeated by the general-aviation lobby back then, but it seems that the compromise legislation did make it onto the books, essentially prohibiting any unlicensed (e.g. underaged) person from "manipulating the controls" if "the individual is attempting to set a record or engage in an aeronautical competition or aeronautical feat, as defined by the Administrator."
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I know Robin Petgrave, the instructor in the video, in the flight suit, who founded Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum - - Robin is also the Chief Pilot & President of: Celebrity Helicopters. I met Robin when he flew for us while filming Monster Garage, and we've worked together a lot over the years - he flew for us on Smash Lab, and on Mythbusters. he's a great guy, a great instructor, and has made amazing contributions to the community. I think it's amazing what she's trying to do, whether she's the PIC or manipulating the controls. it's valuable in so many positive ways.
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