They’re back! Dinosaurs! In a band! Oh shiiiiiiiit!
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Made in the image of 1980s "low-brow sleeze punk" public access TV shows like T.V. Party, Rappin with The Rickster, The Richard Bey Show, the more mainstream (or at least widely available) U.S.A. Up All Night, as well as elements of Cinema of Transgression, Мишка brings forth The Creepy Touch. Not safe for work, the squeamish, or squares. (Videos inside)

Episode 1 (4:19) delved into the world of Nobunny, the man who stole the face of a jackrabbit, amongst other things.
Episode 2 (4:36) stars a guy in a dinosaur mask from Uzi Rash. He is not a dinosaur, nor do dinosaurs exist in current times (except chickens).
Episode 3 (5:21) is all about music made with a Nintendo by Yatagarasu, and half-Jewish hair-styles.

Proper old stuff:
TV Party N.Y., featuring Blondie + Klaus Nomi + more.
Mick Jones on TV Party: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Beastie Boys Rappin' with The Rickster (Youtube playlist in 7 parts), and more clips of the Beasties with thee Rickster

The Richard Bey Show clip featuring Mr Punyverse & Miss Thunderthighs

USA UP All Night playlist, featuring bumpers, commercials, and odd clips

Nick Zedd - No Plague Like Home (Zedd coined the Cinema of Transgression manifesto)
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Holy fuck Filthy Light Thief, you just summonded childhood memories I forgot I had. Richard Bey man, that's a name I haven't heard since I was in my underpants eating handfulls of Corn Pops right outta the box.
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Also, the New York Magazine review of the bar Mr. Bey supposedly hung out in, hairy chest and all, is hilariously snide.

"This outdated weekend nightspot has been dishing out mediocre surf-and-turf standards and gimmicky cocktails (like the Bat Bite, which serves four and has a "secret ingredient") for more than ten years. After getting past the velvet ropes (which nobody seems to have a problem doing), serious revelers head straight to the downstairs disco, which can get crowded and sweaty. The spacious main floor and upstairs balcony, meanwhile, attract an older crowd with nightly R&B or rock bands and a cigar bar. It's neither chic nor hip, but it'll suffice for tightly dressed baby boomers who just want to have fun—or who didn't make it past the Hudson Hotel Bar's more discriminating doorman.

This venue is now closed"

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I used to enjoy Richard Bey in college. What set him apart from other lowbrow talk like Rikki and even Springer is that he made no pretense of trying to help the people at all- he was actively making fun of them, to the point of playing the Hindenburg "Oh the humanity!" soundbite after someone said something particularly awful.
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Morton Downey Jr.
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Cool! I've been a Nobunny fan for a while now. Here he is on Chic-a-go-go
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Ooh! I remember stumbling across Another State of Mind on USA Up All Night as a teenager and being spellbound.
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*sits glued to the TV set all night*
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Wait, no Night Flight?
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And while we're at it: Wally George.
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Richard Bey was a perennial favorite of Talk Soup during the Greg Kinnear years. What an amazing trainwreck of a show Bey had.
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