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There is a subgenre of single-themed tumblelogs that aim for hagiography—they want to celebrate rather than tear down the subject at hand. These often go by the prefix "Fuck Yeah"—as in, among others, Fuck Yeah Rachel Maddow,Fuck Yeah Skinny Bitch, Fuck Yeah Puppies.

Slate article on single-theme blogs. Some of the better ones: look at this fucking hipster, it's lovely i'll take it, Owl Tattoos, fuck you penguin, happiest people ever, stfu marrieds.
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Oops. I think you dropped the link to the Slate article?
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arg. i totally did. can someone fix it? not sure who is moderating. the link is:

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and here is a live version, in the meantime: slate article.
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It's Lovely, I'll take it is from our very own The corpse in the library.
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Fuck Yeah, Us, Everyone.
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I agree that we should all have the right to marry Rachel Maddow.
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Actually, It's Lovely, I'll Take it is one of my favorite must checks, because it is really good, and I have family in real estate.

I love the Chair updates.

and I loved chair so much, I made Chair it's own real estate listings mug
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Metafilter: Fuck yeah too much time on your hands.
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Holy fuck.
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Egregious omission: Fuck yeah Cilantro. (previously.)
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Fuck yeah animals with casts
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The Acid Sweat Lodge.
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(oh uh some of that is mildly NSFW)
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America Fuck Yeah!
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I love you folks, I really do! [channeling sally field]
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I am heartened to know there is a Yahoo Answers tumblelog (or whatever the fuck the kids call it now.)
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Look at this lovely hamster.
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I am disappointed that "Happiest People Ever!" is not sincere.
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Cake Wrecks.

Cute Overload is basically the prototype of this, no?
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This gives me an idea for a great web site, Look at this fucking fixie.
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Look at this Hipster Fucking [nsfw]
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Fuck yeah "fuck yeah x"
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I like the methodical approach of "Will They Grow?" [nsfw].
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Can't quite believe Fuck Yeah, Cilantro didn't make the initial post. It's the epitome of specialized blogging.
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I just wanna mention that the guys in the pic at the top of the The Acid Sweat Lodge are the Huber Brothers, and while they are as ridiculous as they look, they can also climb some stuff.

They set a somewhat controversial (they were funded partly by the German government and had a budget of 2 million bucks) speed record on the Nose in 2007 (it's since been reclaimed by Hirayama and Florine who basically did it on spare change), and while they are generally mocked by the folks who climb hard stuff, they still pull down hard.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a fan of the Hubers or their style, my climbing partner climbs with Florine, blah blah blah, but they still climb some serious shi*
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Fuck Yeah Fuck Yeahs!: a selection of posts from various "fuck yeah" tumblrs across the web.
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I enjoyed the article--though a lot of the funnier ones have already been linked on Metafilter a few times--but was a bit weirded out by the premise:

"Inspired by Mande's success, I just started a site called Look at This Fucking Tumblr. It's still under construction, but I hope to make it the Web's definitive gallery of screenshots of LATFH and its brethren."

Ok, so you're a Slate columnist and you decide to write an article about the blog you're creating? And you decide to use Slate for free advertising? Ok, well, I mean I guess Slate isn't all about the high journalistic standards, but this does seem a bit...weird to me.
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America, Fuck Yeah 2
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Mr Zarquon, thank you so much for tipping me off to the Adventures of Chair. I just practically lost my dinner from laughing so hard.
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Obsidian Obelisk is pretty awesome.
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I have posted it before, but still find it hilarious:


Heavy Petting
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I'm a fan of Eye on Springfield, a blog posting visual gags from the Simpsons. It does require knowledge of the show to be funny, but it's a lot of great moments.
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There's also Way to Suck That Dick, though they've not been good about the updates lately. Needless to say, super extra NSFW.
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I'm discovering lots of great new sites here! Keep it up! :)
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Ryan Gosling is the purest form of this. I can't see him in anything now without saying "Hey, girl."
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I thought these were called "single serving sites" in internet land? Anyway, kottke has/had a bit of a thing for them, here's his collection...
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Since Heavy Petting made it in, might as well toss in the also super extra NSFW Lurid Digs.. "Horrifying Gay Amateur Interiors". Cause you know not ALL the gays have that "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" sensibility when it comes to decorating.
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I'm making a band blog called Fuck Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Can't wait for the diggs to roll in!
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Wow, that Fuck Yeah Skinny Bitch site is pretty much everything I wanted when I had an eating disorder. No, I'm not snarking here, I am dead serious.
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Single serving sites have just the one page, they aren't in blog format where new content is posted at regular or semi-regular intervals.
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Diplo Being All Peace Outtie At The Camera collects photos of Diplo (HE'S M.I.A.'S PRODUCER, NON-ALTS) throwing up the peace sign in photos. It's been a while since it updated, probably because it already has posted up more photos of Diplo throwing up gang signs and peace signs than I thought could ever, ever exist.

When I saw Diplo besides "wow, these beats are kinda generic" all I could think was "PLEASE THROW UP A PEACE SIGN FOR ME, DIPLO!!!!"

I actually think Lolbook.nu is funnier than Look At This Fucking Hipster.
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Heh. I subscribe to quite a number of these on Tumblr. There's a Fuck Yeah blog for almost everything - I even started Fuck Yeah Burlesque which seems to be the only FY that actively incorporates videos.

There's actually been a strong group of fat-girl tumblrs that have come up in reaction to Fuck Yeah Skinny Bitch. My friend started Fuck Yeah Death Fatties somewhat tongue-in-cheek; however, she's passionate about body acceptance and the people she showcases are usually very happy and stylish and real. There's also Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls and Fuck Yeah Fat Bitch which are more pop culture/fashion ish, as well as fashion guides Curvy Couture and The Musings of a Fatshionista.

There's also this series of vintage photography: The Roaring Twenties, The Dirty Thirties, The Fabulous Fourties, The Nifty Fifties, The Swinging Sixties, The Super Seventies.

Here's some other ones:
Fuck Yeah Philosophy
Fuck Yeah Bettie Paige
Fuck Yeah Polaroid
Panda Watch
Chocolate Bliss
Circus Arts
Gender Confusion
Fuck Yeah Kissing which is currently doing stories on first kisses
Red n Black
You Actually Said That Online
Dear Old Love
My Parents Joined Facebook
1001 Rules for my Unborn Son

that's barely half of the sort of Tumblrs I follow that are in this vein. There needs to be a better directory for this sort of thing; Tumblr's directory functions aren't so great.

redteam: does Obsidian Obelisk have a theme?
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The Worst Of Perth.

Perth's Worst is pretty damn Worst.
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I believe so. Most of the stuff on there falls under some kind of loose metal/caveman theme. Think Manowar's "Gloves of Metal".
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